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Hi guys! I’m Amy, and I'm running for your 2018-2019 Vice President! I embarrass myself on a daily basis to meet new people. One of my goals in life is to meet at least one new person every month. I love talking to different people and getting to know them and how different they are. I think this is important because it helps me understand different people’s points of view. A lot of people think my last name, Sun, really describes my totally sunny personality and undying energy. And that is why I decided to run for your 2021 Vice President! My energy needs to be put somewhere it can be used, instead of me just running around endlessly trying to lift our class spirit. As your Vice President, I will definitely change the way that our class officers communicate with the class. This year, I was unsatisfied with the way our class officers distributed information to us. I believe that our current class officers are not transparent enough on many topics, and I aim to change that so everyone in our class will understand what is going on. More importantly, I aim to lift our class spirit! Our class is big enough to completely destroy the other classes during rallies, but we don’t put in enough energy. Together with my crazy energy, we can make 2021 a stronger class and family. Go 2021!